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Editorial Reviews. About the Author. María Nuñez Quesada is an Argentine food journalist. Todo con Dulce de Leche. Alfajores, tortas, postres y más (Spanish Edition) - Kindle edition by Maria Nuñez Quesada. Download it once and read it.
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It was like all dark and stuff and had burnt chunks of sugar. The cookies were extremely bland too. I still haven't made it though. How long does it take?

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I am making these for my project on Chile. I can't wait to taste them. Even though I made it two days before I was suppose to turn it in, it still tasted fresh. My class loved it and all I am worried about now is how to made a French dish. Wheres the coconut and sugar on top? I ate alfajores when i was little! They sound more Spanish to me. Also it looks very good. Muy bueno!!!

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I followed the recipe to a T and the cookies came out like biscuits and tasted like nothing. The filling was an even bigger mess. It was extremely gooey and liquidy and never set up right. It was unusable. I was making these for a school project and wasted a good 4 hours trying to make this recipe Camille if you are reading this I hope they come out right!!

Will the milk in the can explode if i boil it? It got me a perfect grade!!! I totally recommend it!!! I followed most of the recipe, but made some changes: I added tbsp. The biggest time saver was using a already made filling Manjar like Dulce de Leche. My husband brought some Manjar back from Chile.

Next time, I'll boil the can of condensed milk for the filling. I went ahead and used this recipe instead and the outcome It's not thick at all It's more of a liquid. I know for sure that I followed the directions and took precise measurements I might as well try the sweetened condensed milk to see the difference, but I think that I'll be much more satisfied with the sweetened condensed milk for my dulce de leche.

It adds a wonderful texture to it! Made this in 8th grade for Spanish, now making them again for Cinco de Mayo! So that is were the argument between Alfajor and Alfajores comes from between countries. Its not just a grammatical mistake. Alfajores also vary from region to region and almost every country that was part of the Spanish empire has their own version of the Alfajor since it originated in Spain.

That turned out to be the key. Try using a whole stick rather than half stick. Very good. I used them as a dish for my country, Uruguay, for a Spanish class project and everyone loved them! I'm from Peru and my mom always used the condensed milk and she boiled it. I miss them so much and I'll try the recipe to see if they taste like home or at least close enough.

Hope I get a good grade! Everyone says this recipe is amazing. Can't Wait! All rights reserved. Web Design by Blairworks of Sonoma County. Comments : What are Alfajores? Alfajores Al-fa-ho-res are a South American type of shortbread sandwich cookie that are filled with dulce de leche caramel filling. These delicious cookies can trace their origin back to the Moorish occupation of Andalusia, Spain and the great culinary traditions of the Mediterranean Basin. As per some Spanish culinary experts, the cookies were first composed of dried fruit preserves rolled in carefully prepared dough then rolled in an assortment of nuts or sugar.

With the Spanish conquest of the Americas came one of the greatest culinary exchanges in history. The Spaniards brought with them their foods and traditions, and it was just a matter of time before each region the American Continent developed their own style of cooking, taking a little from both the native and conquering cultures and a great deal of improvisation to create what we now known as Mexican, Peruvian, Argentinean, Chilean, Nicaraguan, Californian, or Cuban Cuisine to name just a few.

With time each region of the Americas adapted the Spanish Alfajor and made it their own. For example, in Argentina and Peru alone, there are over 15 varieties of the same basic cookie. In Nicaragua, the Alfajor is made with cornmeal, molasses, and cocoa resembling a brownie or fluffy energy bar. Little do they know the history of this cookie stretches back hundreds of years across continents. Through research, we have been able to trace the recipe to the late 's to what is now Peru, Ecuador and Bolivia.

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Try these Alfajores - sugar cookies that are filled with dulce de leche and covered with chocolate or just drenched in confectioners' sugar. A classic Latin American dessert. They're fancy enough to serve on their own for dessert, and the leftover filling is delicious plain. Be sure to start making these a few hours ahead, as the dough is easier to handle if you allow it to rest in the refrigerator for a couple of hours.

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Customers who bought this item also bought. Stock Image. Published by Ediciones Lea, United States New Paperback Quantity Available: 1. Seller Rating:. Published by Ediciones Lea Thank you for sharing these recipes with us Gloria. I must admit that I went in search of some dulce de leche for a recipe and came up empty handed. It is nice to know I can make it myself:D.

Yes Vall and in Labels "Dulce de Leche" you may find differents recipes to make it. I love made in home Dulce de Leche is nice. I find a new recipe but I want to try first and if is good I will post here. Gloria, I could eat a dozen of these!!! Mmmmm, they look so good!!!

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Thanks for posting this. These sandwich cookies are so cute, and I bet they taste delicious. I've only tried making dulce, once. It didn't turn out very well. I need to try again, but I've been putting it off. Marie, yes are so little so any person may est a dozen easy. When Mom made to Bisrthday make about4 days before and place in a tin with a lid how to cookies for save until the birthday!!

She filling the same day, you may prepare and fill later xxxxGloria Emiline, yes are so cute, Emilne try some of the recipes that I have in the Label "Dulce de Leche", I have someones. That I say here is so good that you boil the tin in a presuure cook with water about 45 minutes or at normal pot with water too 1 and half hour, only remember not open until the tin is COOL xxxxxGloria. I've tried alfajores before but only pre-packaged ones!

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  4. These ones I'm sure are way better. Try this recipe is so simple and we make with Mom by many years!!! I think you will like so!!! Hay Gloria! Tu siempre me matas con esos postres con Dulce de Leche! Yum, yum, yum! Hola Gloria! Que lindo escuchar de ti Me tengo que poner las pilas.

    Gloria, tienes recita para un brazo de reina?? Hey guys, I found a site with a lot of information for "alfajores". Some months ago, we went to South America and tried pisco in Peru and Chile.